Cyclotron Solutions


TR-19 Cyclotrons

19 MeV fixed and variable energy negative ion cyclotrons for the production of commonly used PET (positron emission tomography) radioisotopes; F-18, N-13, O-15, C-11 and Pd-103, as well as research isotopes.


The TR-24 is a cost-effective solution for the production of PET and SPECT radioisotopes for both commercial users and research institutions.


With a range of energies from 18 up to 30MeV, the TR-FLEX cyclotron can be fully customized to the specific energy range of the customer’s needs.

TR-30 Cyclotrons

Facilities take up property space, capital investment, maintenance and operation cost.


ACSI offers a full range of radioisotope production solutions, including liquid, gas and solid targets, various beam line options and integrated systems for radioisotope production