TR-19 Cyclotrons

19 MeV fixed and variable energy negative ion cyclotrons for the production of commonly used PET (positron emission tomography) radioisotopes; F-18, N-13, O-15, C-11 and Pd-103, as well as research isotopes.

Features of the TR-19

>300 microamps Total Beam Current 
The TR-19 is the highest performing radioisotope production cyclotron on the market, boasting >300 microamps of extracted beam current.

Modular Design 
Modular design allows you to remove, replace and upgrade components on site. It allows for fast and easy maintenance, a service unmatched by competitors in the industry.

Variable Energy Extraction 
The TR-19 offers variable energy extraction between 14 MeV to 19 MeV.

Simultaneous Dual Target Irradiation 
Allows for maximum production of one radioisotope or concurrent production of two different radioisotopes.

Shielding Options 
We are the only company to offer unshielded, fully shielded and partially shielded cyclotrons. Our proprietary composite shielding is effective for both gamma and neutron radiation.

External Beam Lines 
Up to 4 external beam lines can be configured on the TR-19 enabling the use of up to 16 targets.

Dual Particle Acceleration 
The TR-19 can be configured to a TR-19/9 dual particle cyclotron to accelerate both protons and deuterons, providing a powerful research tool in addition to cost effective production.

Windows OS 
The TR-19 uses the familiar Windows operating system with graphical representation of the entire radiochemical process.

Safety Systems 
Extensive safety features have been incorporated into the TR-PETs. Internal and external safety interlock systems are built into the Computer Control System using visual and audible warning signals.

TR-19 Accessories

Target 1Advanced Cyclotron provides a complete line of fully integrated solid, liquid and gas targets, Radiochemistry Production Systems and related equipment. Our targets offer high yields and high radiochemical purity.

Commonly produced PET radioisotopes include:

  • Fluorine-18
  • Nitrogen-13
  • Carbon-11
  • Oxygen-15
  • Additional solid, liquid and gas targets also available.

Radiochemistry Modules

Fully automated radiochemical production systems including:

  • FDG synthesis
  • Ammonia purification
  • Fluorine gas production
  • Carbon-11 dioxide production
  • Oxygen-15 water production
  • Methyl iodide
  • Methyl triflate

Related Equipment

  • Quad target station modules
  • Gas transfer systems
  • External beam lines

TR-19 Upgrades

  • Change fixed energy to variable energy extraction
  • Add second port for simultaneous dual extraction
  • Change Low Current Ion Source (>150 microamps) to High Current Ion Source (>300 microamps)
  • Add beam lines