Air sampler PVP-06

PVP-06 is used for sampling the air by means of combination of filters and absorbers with their subsequent analysis in the lab. 



    • air sample fot the purpose of determination of radioactive gas and aerosol content.


    • user specified flow rate;
    • user specified total air volume to be sampled;
    • indication of battery condition;
    • indication of flow meter condition;
    • automatic measurement of the sampled air volume with indication of the result;
    • the battery charging time does not exceed 4-5 hours.

    Basic complete set:

    • AFA-RSP-20 filters – 100 pcs;
    • AC/DC adapter;
    • case;
    • operation manual.

    By order:

    • 12V car charger;
    • column absorber SC-13 – 8 items with charcoal – 0.21 liter;
    • iodine air filter AFA-SI-20;
    • tripod.