C-11 Pro2

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Simplify Routine Production

The C-11 Pro2 is our next generation synthesizer designed from years of R&D to simplify the routine production of 11C radiotracers. 11CO2 is trapped at room temp and rapidly released using a volume optimized molecular sieve column. Capable of producing either methyl-iodide or methyltriflate via our highly optimised “wet” chemistry method, with labelling performed by traditional reaction vial or room temperature loop labelling*, the C-11 Pro2 also comes with built-in HPLC purification and disposable cassette S.P.E. product reformulation. Coupled with a fully automated wash-up system, the C-11 Pro2 is the complete solution for all your 11C production requirements in the one device.



11CO2 Trapping









AgOTf column



Labelling reaction



Process Valves



HPLC Valves




HPLC pump



HPLC UV detector



Product reformulation





Other features


• Solid phase room temperature trapping of 11CO2 onto molecular sieve

• Rapid heating to 250°C (11CO2 releases at 180°C)

• Compressed air cooling


• Dual 1.1mL disposable tapered bottom glass reactors

• Rapid heating to 250°C and compressed air cooling

• Production of methyl-iodide in reactor 1 via the “wet chemistry” method

• Reactor 2 used for labelling reactions with syringe driven HPLC loop loading


• Built-in with rapid heating up to 250°C for online conversion of methyl-iodide into methyl-triflate


• Either by traditional reaction vial (Reactor 2) or

• Room temperature loop labelling*


• 9 Electric multi-position valves

• 13.6 bar (200psi), 1.32 mm orifice, 20uL internal volume


• Built-in automatic injector

• Manual injector (for precursor loading for loop labelling reactions with 2mL stainless steel loop


• Knauer 50 mL/min pump

• Optional quaternary L.P.G. & quad channel degasser


• Knauer detector with remote fibre optic flow cell

• Variable wavelength (190-750 nm)


• Disposable sterile kit with reverse phase S.P.E. cartridge reformulation

• Non-proprietary commercially available components


• Industrial PLC with Ethernet communications


• All compressed air used for reactor or column cooling is contained and can be exhausted outside of the hotcell to avoid hotcell contamination or pressurization











• 6-collimated linear CsI(TI) crystal PIN diode radioactivity detectors


• Pressure sensor for inert gas pressure monitoring


• Mass Flow Controller for precise inert gas metering


• 4 thermocouple sensors for reactor and column heaters


Graphical interface



Synthesis recipes



HPLC control



• Easy to use open platform operator interface, with sensor trends, historical data logging & analysis, synthesis reports, multi-level user access


• Easily generated using unique Click-&-Save graphical technology and stored as Excel® step lists


• HPLC pump flow, eluent composition and gradients controlled directly from C-11 Pro2’s graphical interface (with optional LPG module)



Compressed Air


Inert Gas








• 6-8 bar (87-116 psi), 6 mm O.D. connection


• Helium, Nitrogen or Argon, 2-8 bar (29-116 psi)


• Compact 316 stainless steel

• Easy installation


• 510 mm x 415 mm x 340 mm (WxHxD)