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Multi-Step 18F Radiotracer Development & Production Platform

The FlexLab is the most versatile 18F radiosynthesizer specifically suited to the research, development and fully automated production of multi-step radiotracers. The FlexLab allows the radiochemist to fully automate the radiosynthesis of multi-step compounds thereby improving synthesis yields, simplifying daily production and most importantly reducing the operators radiation exposure by completely eliminating the need to perform any manual processes.

Synthesis Possibilities

The FlexLab is the only radiosynthesizer that is able to fully automate all the following synthesis steps:










Reagent vials


Process valves



Reaction purification



HPLC Valves



HPLC pump




HPLC UV detector



Product reformulation








• Dual 20 mL glass reactors with magnetic stirrers

• Optional 2 mL small volume reactor for low volume reagent reactions

• Heating to 220°C and built-in Vortex Tube compressed air cooling to 5°C

• Moving PEEK tube with full extension to top of reactor for distillations

• All compressed air used for reactor cooling is contained and can be exhausted outside of the hotcell to avoid hotcell contamination or pressurization


• 19 glass reagent storage vials: 1 mL, 3 mL & 15 mL volumes


• 19 glass reagent storage vials: 1 mL, 3 mL & 15 mL volumes

• Kalrez® seals, 2.5 bar, 1.4 mm orifice, 20 uL dead volume


• Reverse and normal phase S.P.E. cartridge purification and/or HPLC purification of reaction intermediates for both reactors


• Dual independent HPLC injectors with 5 mL loops

• Dual HPLC column selector with column eluent bypass feature


• Knauer 10 mL/min pump (with  50 mL/min pump option)

• Quaternary Low Pressure Gradient (LPG) controller

• Quad channel solvent degasser


• Knauer detector with remote fiber optic flow cell

• Variable wavelength (190-750 nm)


• Dual reverse phase S.P.E. cartridge reformulation systems


• Industrial PLC with Ethernet communications


• Liquid nitrogen cooling of main reactors to -80°C

• Quad reactor option enabling heating to 150°C, compressed air cooling to ambient, magnetic stirring and radioactivity monitoring of both intermediated vials












• 10-collimated linear CsI(TI) crystal PIN diode radioactivity detectors


• 3 pressure sensors for reactor and inert gas pressure monitoring


• Thermocouple sensors for reactor temperatures


Graphical interface



Synthesis recipes



HPLC control



• Dual software calibrated optical fluid detectors for reliable HPLC loop loading



• Easy to use open platform operator interface, with sensor trends, historical data logging & analysis, synthesis reports, multi-level user access


• Easily generated using unique Click-&-Save graphical technology and stored as Excel® step lists




Compressed Air


Inert Gas






• HPLC pump flow, eluent composition and gradients controlled directly from

FlexLab’s graphical interface



• 6-8 bar (87-116 psi), 1/4″ O.D. connection


• Helium, Nitrogen or Argon, 2-8 bar (29-116 psi)


• Compact chemically resistant powder coated case.

• Easy installation


• 494 mm x 460 mm x 416 mm (WxHxD)