Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter

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Automatic gamma counter for nuclear medicine and PET

Never before has there existed a gamma counter dedicated to Nuclear Medicine and PET applications. With our  onboard balance, samples can automatically be weighed and results reported as activity per mass or volume. This saves the operator valuable time and provides additional safety of correct results.

With our touchscreen operated software and application focused design we guarantee effortless work flow with results simply at your fingertip. For short lived isotopes the software automatically calculates decay corrected activities.

Sophistication for radiation protection

The 3 inch NaI crystal provides superb counting efficiency. Optimized lead shielding ensures low background and minimal interference from high active samples waiting to be counted. Hidex automatic gamma counter is also equipped with a powerful multichannel analyzer for detailed spectrum analysis. Users can enter their own calculation functions for automatic reporting of results.


  • 640 mm (Width), 700 mm (Depth) 600 mm (Height)
  • Weight: 205 kg
  • Lead shield thickness: 55 mm, but 80 mm on conveyor side.
  • 3 inch Ø NaI crystal.
  • Energy range: 15-2000 keV
  • Linear multichannel analyzer with 2048 channels.
  • Sample quantity: 250 pcs. for max. 13 mm. diameter vials and 78 pcs. for max. 28 mm diameter.

Optional features:

  • Sample Balance
  • Extended MCA for high energy isotopes