LB 147 Personal Contamination Monitor


Radionuclides are widely used in many fields of research, nuclear medicine and in life science. Wherever unsealed radioactive materials are used, radiation protection regulations require contamination monitoring for hands, feet and clothing.

The hand-foot monitor LB 147 is based on innovative scintillation detection technology for the measurement of radioactive contamination. The instrument can be used as a monitor for simultaneous measurement of alpha and beta/gamma contaminations  or even as an alpha monitor or beta/gamma monitor. The results can be represented in freely selectable units Bq/cm² or in cps.

The LB 147 has a removable hand probe for clothing measurements. A personal ID is possible by means of an optional card reader or transponder. 

The LB 147 is available as a narrow version (LB 147 Slim) with a changed positioning of the hand detectors. Additionally the LB 147 is also available as a Alpha Sense Version with special protection grid modifications for lower alpha detection limits.



  • Low-maintenance ZnS(Ag)-scintillation detectors
  • Space-saving design
  • High detector efficiencies
  • Removable hand probe for clothing measurement
  • Simple operation with graphic display and touch display
  • USB, Ethernet, RS 232 and RS 485 interface
  • Service functions (plateau, calibration, systematic test,…)
  • Permanent data memory for 10000 measuring data
  • Extensive nuclide library
  • Card reader/transponder for access control (optional)
  • Double password hierarchy
  • Voice output: voice instructions, if activated, are output by the monitor