LB 2045 Gamma Spectrometer

The LB 2045 is a modern gamma spectroscopy system for activity measurements in laboratories.
It is easy to operate and provides quick and reliable measurement results which are presented clearly arranged on a large graphical display with touch panel.
The instrument is ideally suited for nuclide-specific activity measurements in the radionuclide laboratory.

System Description

The measurement electronics LB 2045 is a modular designed 1/2 19″ system accommodated in a desktop housing comprising computer unit, graphical display with touch panel and power supply unit.

For data acquisition the measurement electronics includes two additional plug-in cards, a high voltage unit with preamplifier and an ADC for the acquisition of spectra.

The power supply unit is designed for all typical voltages from 90 – 260 VAC and 50 – 60 Hz; switchover is not required.

Function Description

The measurement electronics LB 2045 is operated via softkeys (graphical buttons on the display) which are queried via a pressure-sensitive foil (touch panel). This allows very intuitive user guidance.

Pulse height spectra can be depicted graphically and evaluated, for example, via ”regions of interest”. Several service functions are available: background measurement, energy calibration and spectrum recording.

The LB 2045 supports communication with an external PC or a printer via RS232 interface. New program versions can easily be downloaded from PC to the flash eprom using a terminal program.

Parameters and service functions are contained in a hierarchically structured, very clearly arranged and user-friendly menu.


  • Connection for scintillator probes (NaI, CsI, BGO)
  • 3 different energy ranges
  • Spectrum presentation (1024 channels)
  • Graphical display (320 x 240 pixel) with touch panel
  • One or two energy windows
  • Nuclide library
  • Storage of spectra or ROI data
  • Half-life correction
  • Weight entry and spillover correction
  • Filling volume correction
  • Real-time clock
  • RS232 interface for printer/PC