LB 9140 Transportable α-β Moving Filter Monitor

The particulates monitor LB 9140 is used to measure airborne Alpha-/Beta particulates in the presence of naturally occurring (Radon) activity and fluctuating gamma backgrounds. 




  • Si-CAM detector unit 600 mm² for simultaneous separated Alpha-/Beta measurement on a flat dust collection area of 25 x 25 mm²
  • Prompt artificial Alpha-/Beta activity measurement with Radon progeny compensation through ABPD & AED compensation method
  • Optional gamma compensation detector mountable in the same geometry as the prompt Alpha-/Beta detector
  • Continuously moving filter with 4 selectable speeds from 5 to 15 mm/h, filter change warning before end of tape. Stepwise filter mode option
  • Small footprint, portable monitor
  • Data logger electronics LB 5340 with graphical 7” color display, intelligent peripheral modules
  • Silent, low maintenance pump unit with flow low check and 3 m³/h flow rate
  • Optional flow meter (Mass flow meter or Vortex)