Disposable Cassette

The hardware cassettes and reagent sets helps avoid cross-contamination and ensures reproducible results

This enables you to effortlessly meet the most stringent quality control and GMP compliance standards

Hardware cassettes are gamma sterilized and come with Certificate of Conformance.

By using non-proprietary components, the user can modify and develop their own cassettes.

Low metal contaminant materials are used.

Lower your labs consumable costs with low priced cassettes and reagents.

Hardware cassettes are purchased from iPHASE technologies.

Manufactured in Australian GMP clean rooms.

Typical Synthesis

The MultiSyn can perform the following synthetic steps, or you can setup your own by simply modifying the non-proprietary hardware cassette and graphically generating a new synthesis recipe method using our open software interface.

Low cost Disposable Cassette & Reagents

The sterile disposable synthesis cassette and reagent set helps avoid cross-contamination and ensures reproducible results. This enables you to effortlessly meet the most stringent quality control GMP compliance standards. By using non-proprietary components, the user can modify and develop their own cassettes. Low metal contaminant materials are used throughout the cassette and reagents. Significantly lower your labs consumables costs












Stopcock Actuators



Manifold Clamps


Syringe Drives








Vacuum Pump





• 10mL low metal contaminant Topas COC reactor or 10mL glass reactors

• Heating to 150°C when using a Topas COC reactor and 220°C when using glass reactors

• Contained compressed air cooling to ambient temperatures (all exhaust compressed air can be piped outside of the hotcell to eliminate contamination or pressurizing of the hotcell environment by the compressed air used to cool the reactor)

• Optional Vortex Tube compressed air cooling to approx. 8°C


• 12 x 3-position electric servo actuators

• Can rotate all the disposable manifold stopcocks to 3 positions: left, right and off


• Unique magnetically locking latches for disposable stopcock manifold clamping


• 2 x electrically actuated syringe drives

• Multi-syringe size capable: 1mL, 5mL, 10mL & 20mL sizes

• Force limiting drive control circuit stops driving the syringes plunger if the back-pressure is too high, and automatically resumes drive once the back pressure is reduced.  This specialized circuit is especially useful when eluting Ga-68 generators with high back pressures and delivers smooth & reliable generator elutions.


• Built-in chemically resistant vacuum pump, dual head

• Max vacuum -0.95bar


• Industrial PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with wireless communications to the interface laptop or tablet PC

• PLC is housed in an external compact enclosure which is located outside of the hotcell to eliminate radiation damage to the electronics.  This ensures reliable operation even in high radiation fields.

• Synthesizer is connected to the PLC enclosure via 2 electrical cables










• 3 x collimated linear CsI(TI) crystal PIN diode radioactivity detectors


• 2 x pressure sensors for vacuum and inert gas pressure monitoring



Graphical interface




Synthesis recipes


• Thermocouple sensor for reactor temperatures



• Easy to use open platform operator interface, with sensor trends, historical data logging & analysis, synthesis reports, multi-level password protected user access, CFR 21 CFR Part 11 & GMP compliant


• Easily generated using unique Click-&-Save graphical recipe development



Compressed Air


Inert Gas






technology and stored as Excel® step lists



• 6-8 bar (87-116 psi), 6mm O.D. push-in tube connection


• Helium, Nitrogen or Argon; 2-8 bar (29-116 psi), 1/8″ O.D. tube compression connection


• Compact chemically resistance powder coated case


• 238 mm x 270/397 mm x 240 mm (WxHxD)