The Neptis® DB AND RS ARE INNOVATIVE SYNTHESIZERS for the automated production of an extensive variety of [18F] fluoride based radiotracers via nucleophilic synthesis which does not need HPLC purification.

This add-on module can be combined with NEPTIS mosaic-LC when connection to an HPLC pump and SPE reform functionalities are needed.

This module comprises injection valve, injection loop, radioactivity detector and fittings for tubing connection to an external HPLC pump.

Connected directly to the NEPTIS® mosaic-LC, this module does not require to provide additional « in hot-cell » connections. Further, its control system is embedded into the control system of the NEPTIS®mosaic-LC for a seamless integration.


The Neptis® DB AND RS

3 ramps of 5 pneumatic actuators with 3 positions each • 3 rad detectors (+1 optional) • 3 syringe drivers (30 mL and 10/3 mL) • 1 reactor oven (+1 optional) • 4 pinch valves with pneumatic technology • Sensors for vacuum, flow and pressure

W x H x D

560 x 240 x 400 mm

22.0 x 9.4 x 15.7 in

Hotcell compatibility

Up to 2 NEPTIS® DB or RS can be installed into one single mini-cell.


Power supply 100/240V AC, 50-60 Hz Compressed air 6 to 8 bars Nitrogen 3 to 8 bars


Current VIRTUAL SYNTHESIZER® Applications

[ 18F]F-Acetate

[ 18F]F-Choline

[ 18F]FDG (single run)

[ 18F]FDG (dual run)

[ 18F]FDGal

[ 18F]FES

[ 18F]FET

[ 18F]FDopa

[ 18F]FLT


[ 18F]NaF

[ 18F]PSMA-1007