Intended use: Р-32 is used to diagnose brain tumors, intraocular tumors, breast tumors and some others. P-32 can be used to determine the velocity of blood flow, total volume of red blood cells, amount of circulating blood in cardiovascular diseases, and to diagnose the hematological diseases. Р-32 is considered to be the best known means for treatment of polycythemia, with less efficacy in myeloid leukemia. Moreover, radioactive phosphorus is also used in certain malignant neoplasms: Ewing Sarcoma, osteogenic sarcoma, gallbladder cancer, and bone metastases of breast cancer.

Specifications of PHOSPHORUS-32, Р-32
Chemical formOrthophosphoric acid, solution in hydrochloric acid 0.04 M
Half-life14.26 days
Radionuclide purity≥99.99%
Relative activity≥ 8400 Ci/mmol