SAM 950 (RIID) Ruggedized Radiation Isotope Identifier

The Model SAM 950 Ruggedized Isotope Identifier is designed to meet the requirements of ANSI 42.34 criteria for hand-held instruments for the detection and identification of radionuclides.  Our patented “Smartphone based hand-held RIID” feature provides a superb solution for the demanding requirements of Homeland Security in the USA and other countries.  This ruggedized handheld radiation detection system is designed specifically for first responders, field analysis of nuclear materials and challenging military applications.


  • Designed to meet all ANSI N42.34 requirements
  • Ruggedized Design – Water & Shock Resistant
  • PDA based hand-held RIID (patented)
  • One click reach back connect (send files automatically)
  • Automatic System Calibration and Stabilization
  • Database protocol for log files and alarm events
  • Solid state or 3He neutron detector
  • Multimedia support
  • LED flash light for target identification
  • Touch screen with gesture control
  • Homeland Security
  • Emergency Responder
  • Radiological Area Mapping
  • Geological Radiation Survey
  • Safeguard and Nuclear Security
  • Touch Screen Easy to use Reach-Back via E-mail


USBMicro USB 2.0, IP65AC Adapter12V, 3A
CameraCMOS 13.0 MPSpeaker84dB(1W/0.5m), Water Proof
Dimensions (W x D x H)192 x 356 x 214 (mm)
Weight4.3kg (9.5 lb) w/ 3×3 inch NaI(Tl) / 3.2kg (7 lb) w/ 2×2 inch NaI(Tl) / 3kg (6.6 lb) w/ 1.5×1.5 inch LaBr3 , CeBr3
Operating Temperature-15℃(5℉)~50℃(122℉)
Relative Humidity10 to 80%, non condensing
Energy Resolution (Gamma)NaI(Tl) 2×2, 3×3 inch :> 8%@662 Kev, LaBr3 2×2 inch :> 4% @662Kev, CeBr3 2×2 inch :>3.5% @662Kev
Energy Range (Gamma)20 keV – 3 MeV
MCA channel10bit, 1024 channel
Dose rate range0 – 10 mR/h (NaI), 10 mR/h – 10R/h (GM)
StabilizationAutomatic real-time stabilization using K-40
Nuclide IdentificationAccording to ANSI N42.34, isotope/category/confidence report
Battery> 8 hours, Lithium Ion