Indication: Diagnostics and thyroid gland treatment: for  an evaluation of  thyroid gland function, scanning and scintigraphy of thyroid gland at various diseases, including for diagnostics of infringement of  thyroid gland functions, and also small-celled cancer of a thyroid gland and metastasises. With a view of therapy, Sodium iodide I-131 is used  for thyrotoxicosis treatment and metastatic cancer of a thyroid gland.

Typical specification of SODIUM IODIDE I-131
AppearanceColorless, transparent solution
Radionuclide puritynot more 0.01 % from activity of I-131 iodide for manufacturing date
Radiochemical purityno less than 95%
Expirynot more than 15 days
Half-value period8.02 days
Activity1 GBq, 2GBq