Syringe Shields

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Pro-Tec II Syringe Shield

Thin, lightweight and easy to use, the Pro-Tec II is designed to reduce hand exposure for clinicians during preparation and administration of radiopharmaceuticals.

Pro-Tec III Syringe Shield

The Pro-Tec III Syringe Shield is designed to reduce
hand exposure in clinicians preparing and administering radiopharmaceuticals. With its lightweight, sleek design, this syringe shield is easy to use.

Pro-Tec IV Syringe Shield

Convenient to use, the Pro-Tec IV Syringe Shield reduces hand exposure and maximizes the viewing area.

Beta Syringe Shield

This Beta Syringe Shield reduces hand exposure from syringes containing beta-emitting radiopharmaceuticals such as those used in Theranostics and Therapeutics.

Dose Drawing Syringe Shield

Constructed with the same featured shielding as the 511 C-Tec Syringe Shields

511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shield

The High Density Lead Glass Syringe Shield reduces hand exposure from Tc-99m by more than 99% and allows a large viewing area and is easy to use.

High Density Lead Glass Syringe Shield

Gaard Lock PET Syringe Shield

Z-PET Syringe Shield

Pro - Tec PET Syringe Shield

Pro-Tec PET/MR Syringe Shield

Lead Vial Shield with Magnetic Cap

Color coding for easy identification

Tungsten Lead Vial Shield with Magnetic Cap

Designed with holding ring for hand ergonomics or inverted placement in dispensing station.

Tungsten Vial Shield

The Tungsten Vial Shield is designed
to greatly reduce exposure to vials containing liquid radioisotopes. The shield is machined with 0.2″ thick tungsten, equivalent to 0.286″ lead at 140 keV.

Lead Vial Shield

This Vial Shield is designed to aid in preparation of radiopharmaceuticals that require boiling.

PET Vial Pig

Vials containing PET or other high-energy radionuclides can be safely transported in this Vial Pig.

HIGH Density Lead Glass Vial Shield

The High Density (5.6) Lead Glass Vial Shield reduces hand exposure and offers complete 360° visibility. The lead glass vial shield is suitable for low-energy radioisotopes.

Figleaf Gonad Shields

Shielded Syringe Holder

Syringe Shield Holder

Syringe Recapper

Shielded Syringe Carriers

Shielded Syringe Carriers reduce exposure while storing or transporting radioactive material. The overlapping lid design
with snap-latch closure prevents streaming. There are two sizes, offered in .125″ and .25″ lead shielding for added protection. The ends of the carriers are double thick to reduce the exposure from the ends of syringes.

Shielded Storage Containers

Shielded Storage Containers are useful for storing used syringes, alcohol wipes, etc., that may be contaminated with low-energy gamma or beta radiation residue prior to disposal.

Vertical Drop CII Sharps Shield

These Sharps leaded container cabinets offer a convenient way to store spent syringes in a safe manner. Two sizes are shown: One is designed for containment of one medium-size Chimney-Top Monoject Sharps container and the other holds two small or one large Monoject Sharps Container.

Horizontal Drop CII Sharps Shield

These Sharps leaded containers are available for Nuclear Medicine needs. Designed for containment of one medium size Horizontal-Entry Monoject Sharps Container or one medium Gator Sharps container.

high - energy Sharps Container Shield

PET Sharps Container Shield

Shielded Waste Container

Shielded Waste Container

This Shielded Waste Container is used in facilities that generate low-energy beta and gamma radiation waste.

Shielded Decay Drums

Lead-Lined Decay Drum

12 Gallon Step Waste Can

Unit Dose Pigs

Vial Shipping System

pro - tec Unit Dose Pig


L-Block with Dose Calibrator Shield

Dose Drawing Station

“L” Block Shield

Beta Gamma “L” Block Shield

Lead Brick

Mobile Radiation Shield

Steel Table

Lead Glass Goggles

Radiation Resistant Gloves

Sof-Skin Coat Apron

Lead-Lined Laboratory Furniture

PET Unit Dose Table