Tukan 8k USB


Multi-Channel Pulse Amplitude Analyzer TUKAN 8k  can be operated in three modes MCA, MCS oraz SCA


  • ADC successive approximation type (16 bits) with sliding scale averaging
  • Resolution 8k; 8192 channels, software selectable as 8192, 4096, 2048 or 1024 banks
  • Dead Time < 5 µs (including memory transfer)
  • Integral Nonlinearity <= ±0.05% in 99% of dynamic range
  • Differential Nonlinearity < ±0,7% in 99% of dynamic range
  • Gain Instability <= ±1% ppm/°C
  • Histogram memory 8k channels: 224-1 counts per channel (about 17 million of counts)
  • Presets

    • Real Time or Live Time set in multiples of one second; selectable automatic stop on exhaustion of preset time (real or live); max acquisition time 16777215 (224-1) s. Live time measurement accuracy: 250 ns.
    • Automatic acquisition stop after exhaustion of integral counts (up to 232) in selectable region of interest
    • Overflow in channel obligatory acquisition stop after reach of 224 counts in any channel
    • Device control performed by host PC via USB interface. After disconnecting PC, the device continues acquisition and keeps data in its internal memory. These data are available after connecting the device to PC. When operating autonomously, the analyzer needs to be powered be external power supplier.

    Parameters available on-line

    • total real time
    • total live time
    • integral number of counts in selected region of channels (no matter if stop criterion is selected or not)
    • live time per second (resolution 3.906 ms)
    • number of counts per second

    Input/output connectors

    • Analog input positive unipolar or bipolar semi-gaussian type pulses of shaping time > 100 ns. DC coupled. The dynamic range: +10mV ÷ +10 V. BNC connector.
    • TTL I/O four user configurable TTL input/output interfaces for controlling MCS behavior and providing external gaiting in coincidence/anticoincidence. Lemo connectors.

    Alternative MSC mode of running

    • Maximum counting rate – 12,5 MHz
    • Dwell Time – up to 224 steps (2.0 µs each)
    • Sweep length – up to 8192 channels
    • Acquisition mode – summing or replacing
    • Internal or external start of acquisition
    • Possibility to apply MCA analog input for analysis of timing events

    SCA mode – Single Channel Analyzer

    The MCA mode is controlled by the SCA. A valid SCA event is accepted and processing begins when the analog input pulse:

    • is above the preset Lower Level Threshold
    • is below the preset Upper Level Threshold
    • satisfies selected gating settings and peak is detected

    Otherwise the event is rejected. The device may also work in the SCA mode only, which may be useful in some applications.

    Additional Technical Parameters

    The analyzer is contained in stand-alone shielded box (60 x 110 x 30 mm) powered either from the USB port or from external DC source. Power consumption: 140mA.