X-ray Irradiator Systems

X-ray Irradiator Systems

Our line of X-ray calibration irradiators are designed specifically for instrument and dosimetry calibration.  They include features and accessories to facilitate calibrations and assure accurate and repeatable exposures.  We have supplied these systems to primary and secondary standards labs throughout the world.

Our self-contained X-ray irradiators are an excellent choice for R&D, cell culture irradiation, SIT, and high dose applications.  Fully shielded, it does not need a special exposure room and takes up very little lab space.

Model X80 X-Ray Beam Irradiator

The Model X80 X-Ray Beam Irradiator will simplify even the most tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with calibrating radiation detection instruments and personnel dosimeter badges. The control panel provides total command and monitoring of the irradiator, complete with expose and return pushbuttons, indicator lights, an emergency off pushbutton, LCD display, and a keyed power switch. The data entry keypad makes it simple to enter exposure time, filter, and attenuator selection. The optional computer-based control system offers even greater ease-of-use by automating and simplifying many steps of the calibration process. Computer controls will manage the X-ray system, calculate exposure rates, provide automatic set-up of the irradiator and provide automated calibration of the irradiator.

With its fail-safe design and a wide range of accessories, the Hopewell Designs Model X80 offers a flexible, easy to use system that will increase productivity and accuracy. Available in three configurations: the X80-160, with a range of 5 – 160 kV; the X80-225 kV – range of 5 – 225 kV; the X80-320 kV with a range of 5 – 320 kV.

Model XR50 Self-Contained X-Ray Irradiator

The Model XR50 X-ray Irradiators offer a fully self-contained X-Ray irradiation system that allows for maximum dose at your choice of 160kV, 225kV or 320kV with no additional shielding required.  Our fail-safe design and self-contained cabinet offer a safe and easy to use system ideal for the research laboratory environment.

The large chambers sizes and adjustable shelving makes it suitable for a variety of biological research applications.  Display parameters and system status are easy to read on the control panel and allow the user too quickly and accurately program repeatable exposure settings.  Operation is simple, easy, and safe.  Enter an exposure time and press the Expose button to begin the irradiation.  A timer shows the remaining time.  A tone sounds when the exposure is complete.